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Over 200,000 young people use public transport in the Tyne and Wear area every year. Through the free school visits program we offer a series of interactive presentations aimed at Key Stage 1,2 and 3 pupils.
  Call Deborah Rodenby Youth Liaison Officer on 0191 203 3227 to arrange a free visit
booking a free visit
 To arrange a free visit and presentation to your school, please contact Deborah Rodenby on 0191 203 3227 or email
Our aim is to educate as many young people as possible about the benefits of bus and rail travel, staying safe and the consequences to themselves and others of inappropriate behaviour               
Children are our future passengers. We are committed to educating young people about public transport and safety issues. Bernard Garner, Director General, Nexus
classroom projects
If your school falls within the Tyne and Wear area and you would like a presentation you can arrange a visit by contacting Deborah Rodenby on 0191 203 3227 0r by email : A visual presentation with Key Stage specific activities takes approximately 1 hour, however this time can be extended if required.
A series of classroom projects are available that can be used to help pupils to gain a better understanding of using public transport and staying safe when travelling by public transport. These include interactive video and useful downloadable classroom resources as well as posters for display in school.
Free interactive presentations delivered in schools and classrooms.
Nexus visits over a hundred schools every year to promote safety on buses and the Metro system.
A free presentation CD with all the images and video clips from the presentation will be given to each school along with a framed A4 certificate acknowledging that your school has taken part in the safety activities
As part of the presentation pupils are shown a series of video clips of good and bad behaviour. These clips are available on a CD that is given to the teacher after the presentation an can be used by pupils to create their own version of the video for use in school
School certificate
Examples of videos created by school pupils
Each school will receive an A4 signed certificate acknowledging the safety presentation
Free school visits and educational safety resources
Presentations are given by our Youth Liaison Officer - Deborah Rodenby. Deborah offers interactive presentations at various Key Stage levels covering general travel, information on how to read a timetable and use ticket machines or ‘pop’ cards and in particular safety and behaviour at stations, on buses and on trains. Presentations include activities designed to involve pupils in thinking about their behaviour and how it effects other passengers, as well as, top tips on personal safety and using public transport responsibly.