Crucial Crew
If your school is taking part in Crucial Crew events (South Tyneside ) this year then the information below may be of use in preparing your pupils for their visit. This year the theme is Catching a bus and road safety.  Pupils will be asked to identify the DangerZone around a typical bus ,focusing on the drivers viewpoint as well as cyclists and pedestrians. A large format display along with 3D cycle icons and red tiles are used as ‘props’ to help identify the potential dangers
Ages 10 +
If you have any transport issues arising at your school that you think could be helped by having a visit from our youth liaison officer please contact Deborah who will be pleased to offer advice or deliver the appropriate school presentation           
 To arrange a free visit and presentation to your school, please contact Deborah Rodenby on 0191 203 3227 or email
The  Danger zone
Downloadable A4 sheets are available that will help prepare students for their visit  Download document as PDf
Download document as PDf
Where are the Danger Zones ? Teaching notes